Choosing the right coating for your roof tiles

As important as the roof is to the soundness of your home, very few people give it the attention it deserves. Over the last few years, a number of roof coating products have appeared on the market. Some are genuine products, which deliver to homeowners the benefits they promise. Others, are nothing more than well marketed snake oils, promising to keep your roof moss-free, clean and waterproof but falling short when it really matters. So what should you look for when choosing a coating for your roof tiles. This short article shows you the things you need to focus on.

Characteristics of a high performance roof coating

If you have a leaking or worn out roof, finding a company that specialises in roof repairs, cleaning and coating can be hard. Other than the reputation of a company, you need to look at the coating products they use. A reliable coating should be rigorously tested to European or British standard and should possess the following characteristics:

  1. Tensile strength – the coating material must have the tensile strength to remain flexible for a long time.
  2. Permeability – a high performance coating material must allow the tile to “breath”, so that moisture can escape from within the tiles.
  3. Water repellant – to protect your tiles and roof timbers from moisture damage, a suitable coating should have water repellant ability and not absorb water.
  4. Adhesion properties – a good roof tile coating will not stick your tiles together like sub-standard coatings do. The adhesive strength of the coating means it will not pull off the surface of the tiles with time.

A tile coating meeting the relevant European and International Standard (DIN EN ISO) with respect to each of the four characteristics above must be your only choice. Once you’re satisfied the company you’re considering use only the best coating products, you can go ahead and check their past work and testimonials. Always ask what guarantees the company offer and you will find the independently backed insurance guarantee, which is in addition to our standard cast iron guarantee is hard to beat.

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