Common Roof Coating Myths Every Homeowner Should Know About

Many unscrupulous roof coating company salespeople will make all sorts of promises to get a sale. Many homeowners fall prey to the sweet talking salespeople who make promises about the roof coating services which are simply untrue. In this article we gather some of the most common misleading promises some roof coating companies make. If you are looking to have your roof cleaned and coated, watch out for these claims and stay away from companies who make unrealistic promises.

Roof coating will increase the value of your home

A well-executed roof coating will no doubt make your house’s roof look beautiful, and newer. If you are looking to sell, this may have a marginal impact on the overall price your property will achieve. However, some companies market their services by claiming a roof coating will increase the value of your home dramatically. This is just not the case. Watch out for this and other claims next time a roof coating flyer drops through the letter box.

Roof Coating Can Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

The rise in energy bills over the last few years has fuelled an increase in energy awareness among many homeowners. The desire to make homes energy efficient and thereby reduce heating costs has driven homeowners to implement measures such as loft insulation, among others. When a potential roofing contractor makes the claim that they will improve your home’s energy efficiency by coating your roof, be wary. The roof coating may contribute to making your home watertight, but in no way will it improve energy efficiency.

In addition to watching out for these two most common outrageous claims by roof coating contractors, you also need to make sure the company you’re vetting uses CE marked and products tested to international quality standards. However, if the first and second thing they mention involves energy efficiency and increasing your home’s value, hang up immediately.

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