The benefits of treating roofing tiles with a coating solution

As a homeowner, you understand the importance of keeping your roof in good repair. Instead of waiting until your roof develops a problem, why not be proactive and take steps to prevent roofing tile damage due to aging? Clay and concrete roofing tiles have a very generous lifespan in excess of 40 years and even 60 years at a stretch. However, due to the effects of weathering, moss and lichen growth, the lifespan may be greatly reduced. So what is the solution? Getting your roof treated with a coating product such as the Renotec roof coating system is the answer.


The advantages of getting your roof cleaned and having a tile coating applied include the following:

  1. You extend the lifespan of your roofing tiles beyond the average lifespan of typical untreated roofing tiles.
  2. You improve the aesthetic appearance of your roof by eliminating the green and black colonies of lichen and moss.
  3. You make great financial savings compared to roof replacement or re-roofing due to failed roof tiles.
  4. Roof coating rebuilds the original protective layer all new tiles have which greatly reduce the impacts of the weather on the concrete or clay tile surfaces.
  5. You have a variety of colour selections to choose from so that you choose a roof appearance that suits your personal tastes. It’s your roof after all.

The German engineered roof coating systems used by Easy Coat Ltd have undergone rigorous testing to international standards. The coating creates a barrier between the tile surface and the environment. Moss and lichen can no longer establish on the surface and are simply washed away when it rains. Same goes for dirt and debris. By investing in a roof tile coating solution from Easy Coat Ltd, you not only save a considerable amount of money, you also buy yourself peace of mind through an independent insurance guarantee scheme, in addition to our own material and workmanship guarantee.

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