Why Choose Professional Roof Coating Over Inferior Cleaning Methods

Roof repairs is big business. Some companies will cut corners to make the most out of every opportunity, including offering trusting customers with inferior roof coating products. One guaranteed way to restore the look of your roof is through cleaning and roof coating using a proven, high performance product. However, many companies working in the industry use substandard products and poor workmanship. The result; a roof coating job that does not last. The sad thing is, they generally charge you more for the job. At Easy Coat, we do things differently.

Easy Coat products are tested to stringent standards

As tiles age and suffer the effects of our cold and wet weather, they begin to deteriorate. Moss and lichen are the most common visible signs of an aging roof, characterised by black and green discolourations. As the moss colonies grow, they will retain more water and increase roof loading. It is vital that any moss and lichen growing on a roof is cleaned off and a suitable coating product applied to prevent regrowth.


Easy Coat products are tested to European and International standards to ensure they are fit for purpose. These tests include permeability testing, testing the water repellant properties and how well the product adheres to the roofing tiles. DIN, EN and ISO certificates have been awarded to the coating products Easy Coat use, as well as CE Markings for product conformity to EU legislation.


Choosing a high performance product has the following advantages:

  1. The product is tested to ensure it performs as described.
  2. You can trust the product because it is tested to meet International performance and quality standards.
  3. Your roof will get a new lease of life and you save money on new roof that would have become necessary of the moss had gone unchecked.

It’s vital that you choose a company who meet all the criteria above. In addition, always ensure you perform other checks such as looking at independent reviews and testimonials. You should only deal with a company that offers a strong product and workmanship guarantee. Easy Coat offer industry leading guarantee and on top of that you’re protected by an independently back insurance guarantee. Easy Coat and the roof coating system we use have been checked and vetted by insurance companies who will back every job we undertake for added peace of mind.

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